Can I supplement with my own curriculum


Do you accept out of district families?

Yes, we do. First you must obtain an Inter-District transfer from the school district where you live and submit it to the Placentia Yorba Linda U.S.D.

How do I get started

First, call the office at 714-986-7050 and schedule an appointment with the administrator for a tour of the school. If you decide to enroll, we will have a teacher contact you to set a time to return for an enrollment appointment. You will receive your textbooks at that time. Please remember to bring your child's immunizations, proof of residence and birth certificate to help the enrollment process go smoothly.

How do I request transcripts

1) Complete your request in writing and submit it to the office with a self- addressed stamped envelope
2) Allow 7-10 days for your request to be processed
3) Transcripts requested at the end of a semester will be available for request two weeks after the close of the semester.

What does Parkview provide for my child?

  • A legally compliant program with standards aligned  curriculum including student and teacher editions  and many supplemental materials.
  • The partnership and guidance of a credentialed teacher who will provide the level of support you desire including creating lesson plans for your child keeping his/her learning style in mind. 
  • An incredible performing arts program.
  • For Students:workshops, classes, field trips, park days and concurrent enrollment at schools within our district.  Students may take up to two classes at one of our traditional schools. 
  • For Parents:workshops and community with other homeschooling parents
  • Frequent opportunities for social activities
  • Open House 
  • Standardized Testing
  • Computer lab and video lab

What is the admission criteria?

Admission to Independent Study
Q. Can all students participate in independent study? 
- Districts and county offices of education are not required to provide independent study, so this alternative instructional strategy is not always available in a local school. EC Section 51745(a) 

- EC Section 48206.3 gives a student who is temporarily disabled the right to home and hospital instruction. EC Section 51745(d) states -No temporarily disabled student may receive individual instruction pursuant to EC 48206.3 through independent study.-However, a temporarily disabled student and his/her parents/guardians may choose the option of independent study if it is available and decline their right to home and hospital instruction. 

- Students in independent study need to have the ability to work independently and schools typically assess an applicant's likelihood of success in independent study. A school may determine that independent study is not an appropriate educational option if a student is not at or near grade level, or is far behind in credits. 5 CCR 11700(d)(1)(B)

Why Enroll in Parkview School?

Parkview has a long tradition in the community of successfully suppporting homeschool efforts to those new and experienced in this incredible learning journey